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This is the web list containing High Anonymous? proxys ip:port list at 8080 from USA(-) country.

IP address Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed Virginia-Philippi)Transparent5.1034124490.97789 York-Buffalo)Transparent?00 Springs)Transparent?00 York-New York)Anonymous?00 Jersey-Woodbridge)Transparent0.64255360.79431 City)Transparent?00 City)Elite0.593451.41718 States(-)Transparent0.26481844.25472 States(New York-New York)High Anonymous?00 States(Florida-Tampa)Transparent?1.893522485.50576 Jersey-Piscataway)High Anonymous?1.0247923233.4814 Anonymous?0.2724216826.1808

Date: 2013 August 20