US Proxy - US Proxy List

US Proxy - US Proxy List

Exclusive US proxy list

IP Address Port Country(City) Proxy Type IP Response Time Server Speed City)Anonymous?00 Jersey-Woodbridge)Transparent6.12627680 Jersey-Woodbridge)Anonymous9.30506030 States(New Jersey-Woodbridge)Transparent?00 States(South Carolina-Kingstree)Anonymous?0.019197420237.80638

US IP addresses verified on 20:28 - Thursday, 24 July 2014

Finding proxies from EEUU only

United States proxy lists aren't easy to find, most of the free proxies out there are not from US, there are from other countries and most of the time doesn't work for our requirements. We know that so we publish here only US proxy servers, IP and ports of open and working servers. Our system utilize several strategies to find USA proxies and verify that they are working, from which city/state there are and their response time and speed so you can choose to use all of them or only the fast US proxies.

We find IP addresses from several states and US cities like Texas, Florida, California, New York, Nevada and much more. So you can also choose to work with proxies from every city or only one.

Why an US proxy list?

There are several online web applications and services that require an US IP address to work. From online TV and movies providers to listen music or social network games, one could be from US and be traveling and being unable to use your accounts because the IP address, then you need to find an US IP adddress, being from this US proxy list or from an US VPN. Free US proxies are great for a lot of things but when you need to type user and passwords we reccomend an US VPN instead of free proxies.

US proxies ordered by port, type, city, response time and speed